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We understand buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and we take it seriously. Knowledge and experience are the keys to successful real estate transactions. Our expertise and experience will guide you in buying a home that’s right for you.

Planning is one of the keys to making the home buying process easier and more understandable. With research and planning, you’ll be able to anticipate requests from lenders, lawyers and other professionals and the home buying process will be easier. You can use our Charlotte MLS search feature to search 1000’s of townhomes, condos and homes for sale in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding counties.

We want to be your Realtor. Charlotte North Carolina and the surrounding areas are a very special place and we want to help you find your dream home here.

We also help investors buy properties with Tenants in place.  We make the purchase and transition simple.

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Buying at an Auction | Charlotte Real Estate Auctions

A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of purchasing real estate in Charlotte. Charlotte auctions are an intense, accelerated real estate process that involves the public sale of any property through open-cry, competitive bidding. You can find foreclosed homes auction in Charlotte, NC as well as non-distressed NC real estate auctions.
* Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding
* The buyer knows the seller is committed
* In multi-property real estate auctions, NC buyers see many offerings in the same place at the same time
* Buyers determine the purchase price
* Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods
* Auctions reduce the time it takes to purchase a property
* Purchasing and closing dates are known
* Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers
* Buyers receive detailed information on property via a due diligence packet


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