Terms and Conditions

Your rental application will not be processed until you pay your application.  Applications fees are $45 plus $15 for each person over 18 years old.

Before you and we go through the work of processing an application, we want to make sure that you understand what we are looking for. Below is some information that we would like you to read before submitting an application.

Once your application is complete, the broker-in-charge of the company will review it. If there are any concerns he has with the application, he will talk it over with the owner of the unit. He and the owner of your unit have the final say as to whether you will be approved to rent a particular home or denied. No one else can tell you if you will be approved or denied. We will do our best to process your application within 3 business days, but if your landlord or employer is slow to get back to us, it may take longer. In accordance with local, state, and federal laws, Stikeleather Realty shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of their membership in any class protected by law.

What you need to be approved

1. You must have proof of your identity. A state-issued ID card or driver’s license, bank-issued ID card with photograph, or passport from any nation shall be deemed sufficient proof of identity. As well, you must provide your social security number or Tax ID so that we may verify your credit information.

2. You must have a clean police record. We will independently conduct a police check on all applicants aged 18 or over. Minor Traffic-related infractions shall not be held against you. However, if within the last 3 years you have any criminal charges related to assault, theft, drugs, violent activity, false pretenses, moral turpitude or bad checks then your application may be denied on this basis, regardless of whether the charges were upheld or dismissed.

3. You must have an adequate rental reference. An adequate rental reference is no more than (2) late payments within the last twelve months and not owing any money to your current landlord. To qualify for any specials you must have no late payments within the last twelve months. If any applicant or resident is pending eviction by their current landlord, owes money to their current landlord, or has been evicted within the last three years, the application will be denied. You must have given proper notice to your prior landlord.

4. You must have decent credit. Decent credit means you have at least three accounts on your credit and your accounts have an average rating of 5 or lower. Stikeleather Realty obtains a credit report through Equifax. Persons with bankruptcies or foreclosures appearing on their credit report within the last three years may be required to pay a double deposit and must be approved by the owner of the home. Large unpaid medical bills will not be held against you. If you have no credit then you must have a good rental reference and stable income to qualify.

5. You must have stable income. Stable income means you either receive permanent government cash benefits, or you have been on a permanent job for at least six months. Unemployment earnings, temporary employment, or any other income that runs out will NOT be used in determining your income. You must have monthly pre-tax income at least three times the monthly rent for the property you apply for.

6. We CANNOT rent to you if you intend on bringing with you certain types of animals such as pit bulls, chows, rottweilers, or any other animal that we feel may pose a threat to the neighborhood. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE SUCH A PET NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Ask if you have any questions before you pay an application fee.

7. Security Deposits = Rent + $55 unless otherwise stated

Stikeleather Realty must be able to verify to its satisfaction all of the above items. If you fail to complete the application, refuse to provide requested information, or if we cannot verify any of the above information, your application may be denied. Your application may be denied for lack of any of the six items listed above. We cannot rent to persons whose last tenancy resulted in eviction. LYING or providing INCORRECT information on your application will be an automatic denial. If you feel that you must lie, do not bother applying, we will find out and you will lose your application fee. DENIED APPLICATIONS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.